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      • Thermowood®
        A steam heated and preservative free 19mm x 138mm tongue and groove Thermowood® is our standard choice of exterior cladding, providing superior, maintenance free performance over many years. Applied to the timber frame with stainless steel nails over a breathable waterproof membrane barrier, the timber cladding is cleanly finished. Choose to have your cladding left natural, hand painted in sikkens or painted one of many pastel colours. Redwood is perfect for external cladding as cheaper whitewood tends to absorb water which within time will cause the cladding to rot.
        Classic Bond EPDM Roofing
        A Maintenance free waterproof membrane that oes not crack, split or rot, is UV stable and does not support moss or algae growth. Classic Bond is environmentally friendly, safe to install and the system is laid with cold applied adhesives. A one piece sheet guarantees no joints and certainly no leaks. EPDM life expectancy is in excess of 50 years.
        Rehau uPVC doors and Windows
        REHAU were one of the first companies in the UK to produce and sell uPVC Window systems and today one in seven uPVC Windows fitted in the UK are made from REHAU profile, making them the largest single producer of uPVC window and door systems. Designed with you in mind, our Garden Room windows and doors made from REHAU profile will enhance the look of your building, last for years and improve your Garden Room’s energy efficiency, helping you save money on your heating bills. We only use Pilkington K Glass™ The Pilkington K forms the inner pane of an energy-efficient IGU, such as Pilkington energiKare™. The coating reflects heat back into the Garden Room whilst also letting in free heat from the sun, known as passive solar gain. By using one of the low-emissivity products from the Pilkington K Glass™ range in your windows you can easily achieve a Window Energy Rating of band A; therefore exceeding the latest energy saving Building Regulations Part L.
        Quick Step Laminate Flooring
        Quick-Step takes protecting your floor seriously. That’s why Quick-Step laminate floors come with a 25-year warranty and an ultra-effective Scratch Guard layer that makes your laminate floor up to ten times more scratch-resistant. Available in grooved or non grooved boarding with a variety of colours and textures.
        Galvanized Screw Foundations
        * A galvanised screw foundation will be used and will be level with the existing ground level to the right hand side of the building. A pressure treated sub-frame will be applied to the ground screws. This will be identical to the prospective building foot print and will form the sub-frame for the building. A damp course will be applied to the building framework and a weed membrane to the overall floor area to eliminate damp ingress from the ground. 

        Bespoke sizes and designs are available on request 

      • Timber Foundation Base

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        Timber Frame Bases are suitable for soft ground i.e. grass, soil and sand. The frame is constructed using 3 x 2 pressure treated timbers. Posts are concreted into the ground to secure, damp proof course tape is then applied to each timber then a membrane covers the structure allowing air circulation but preventing dampness from travelling up the joists, rodent and weed infestations making the building have a longer life.

        Timber Bearer

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        Bearers are only to be used on flat uneven hard surfaces i.e. flags, block paving and concrete. Bearers are not to be used on soft ground i.e. grass, soil or sand, otherwise a timber frame base is to be ordered. The bearers are pressure treated planks of timber and are assembled on the same day as your garden building.

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      • Manufactured by Rehau

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        CAF=Coloured aluminium frame
      • Description


      The Vogue is our most popular Garden Room and is the perfect solution for creating extra living space to your home. The vogue is perfect for a large home office, gymnasium room, studio, kids play room or simply for extra living space to relax or entertain in. Because of its large UPVC French doors and tall windows as standard Internally the Vogue feels fresh, light and open and is a perfect alternative to costly and lengthy stone/brick built extensions. The vogue can normally be built without any need for planning or building regulations, and because of its ‘Flat Pack design’, can normally be constructed from start to finish in less than 10 days.

      The Vogue is exceptional value for money, and because all of our buildings are ‘made to order’ we can tailor your building to exactly the size and specification you want it to be.

      Optional extras such as additional doors, windows, sockets and lighting and even W/c’s can be added to the The Vogue making it versatile and suitable for your needs,

      A Parasol option is also available on our Vogue Range. This is roof extension with decking veranda in either direction of your building creating a shelter from sun or rain, making your Garden Room even more versatile and enjoyable to use through every season.