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    • Construction
      At North Sheds all of our buildings are fully tongue and grooved (T&G). Each piece of timber has a slot (the groove) cut all along the edge, and a thin, deep ridge (the tongue) on the opposite edge. This enables the timber to slot closely together, offering added protection to wear and tear as well as water prevention. T&G construction gives our buildings excellent stability even in the harshest weather conditions.  
      All external wall cladding is 12mm, 4ths grade slow grown Scandinavian Redwood. All framing is 45mm x 35mm Spruce. Flooring is 16mm Scandinavian Redwood and the roof is constructed using 45mm x 35mm Spruce framing and 12mm Spruce V joint tongue and groove boards. Redwood is perfect for external cladding as cheaper whitewood tends to absorb water which within time will cause the cladding to rot.
      We use Mineral roofing felt which has a 10 x 1 metre roll weight of 20KG. This felt will not warp and is used in the roofing trade as a finishing felt in domestic installations. The C24 roofing joists and external surface is covered with a breathable membrane prior to felting. Redwood is perfect for external cladding as cheaper whitewood tends to absorb water which within time will cause the cladding to rot.
      All nails used are galvanised ring shanks and all screws are zinc plated full thread (Wurth). Using these nails and screws maximises their weather resistance prolonging the life of the building.
      Included in the price we will treat your building with a preservative. In our factory we have a large dipping tank where the panels are fully submerged into a brown treatment. This treatment will protect the building from weather damage for around 1 year then it is recommended that another coat of treatment is applied.
      At  North Sheds we offer a free delivery service within a 20 mile radius of postcode DH3 (If ordered from our Birtley Branch and NE37 (If ordered from our Washington Branch, if you are out of this radius please give us a call on 0191 410 9988 to discuss the delivery charge. Our buildings are delivered between 8am-6pm on Thursdays and Fridays. We are able to give you a delivery date at the time of ordering.
      Included within our prices we also assemble your garden building. We have a highly experienced Team to do this. If you would like to find out more about our team please visit the 'About Us' section. 

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      The Key Lock replaces the standard sliding bolt.

      • 95 £

      The Key Lock can be teamed up with a handle to make access easier.

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    • Timber Foundation Base

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      Timber Frame Bases are suitable for soft ground i.e. grass, soil and sand. The frame is constructed using 3 x 2 pressure treated timbers. Posts are concreted into the ground to secure, damp proof course tape is then applied to each timber then a membrane covers the structure allowing air circulation but preventing dampness from travelling up the joists, rodent and weed infestations making the building have a longer life.

      Timber Bearer

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      Bearers are only to be used on flat uneven hard surfaces i.e. flags, block paving and concrete. Bearers are not to be used on soft ground i.e. grass, soil or sand, otherwise a timber frame base is to be ordered. The bearers are pressure treated planks of timber and are assembled on the same day as your garden building.

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      If you decide to add Log Lap finish to your order at its thickest point the timber will be 15mm. The finish gives the building's timber a curved (log like) appearence.

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      • 300 £
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      To roof floor and walls

      • 299 £

      Part P. 1 Double socket, 1 light, 1 switch

      • 125 £

      2 x Key Locks, 1 heavy Hasp, Bolts to hinges

      • 50 £
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    With its beautiful overhang and proud external truss, this really is one to stand out from the crowd. This gorgeous building now comes in 19.5 mm Vacuum pressure treated, secret nailed boards as standard making this a very strong and reliable build. If your looking for that boutique, classy feel then this is the summerhouse for you with its French style double doors and 2 fixed 6 paned windows (you can have these where ever you want) and 2 top hung 2 paned opening windows (whole windows open) your sure to have a building to be proud of when relaxing or showing off your summerhouse. Is it the building

    you want but not exactly the specification you had in mind? We can tailor make any of our summerhouses to suit your requirements just give us a call or e-mail us for a quote.