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With most products the lifespan of your garden building whether it be a shed, playhouse, summerhouse or log cabin can be dramatically prolonged by taking a short amount of time each year to check things over and keep it looking spick and span. This is also a good chance for you to attend to any repairs quick before they become more serious. Should you be still covered under your North Sheds warranty please give us a call as soon as a problem within your building arises.   To help you get the best out of your garden building North Sheds have prepared a list of some of the key requirements in maintaining your garden buildings.    

These requirements apply to wooden garden sheds, summerhouses, playhouses and log cabins.

Treat your building annually:

Although it may come with a factory basecoat (also known as a primer) you should treat your building with good quality, water resistant timber stain shortly after your buildings installation. This process should then be repeated annually with care taken to brush the treatment into all wooden component involved with the construction of the building inside and out.

Ensure nothing is in contact with your building:

If there is any overhanging tree or hedge growth that poses a threat to your garden building, it should be cut back at regular intervals. If a tree branch or any other strong wielded plant makes contact with your building, it may pierce through the roofing felt and will cause water ingress and also insect infestation inside of your building (i.e. Wasps nests). Please note that this case scenario is not warrantable.


All hinges should be lubricated with a suitable oil to ensure continuous ease of use.

 ‘All of the above guidelines given must be applicable to claim warranty’




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